CLS Staff

Arthur Reynolds, Project Director Phone: 612-625-4321
Suh-Ruu Ou, Co-Principal Investigator Phone: 612-626-0446
Judy Temple, Co-Principal Investigator Phone: 612-625-2286

Former Research Staff

Former Research Staff

Nikolaus Bezruczko

Wendy Lee

Mavis Hagemann

Molly Sullivan

Emily Mann

Mallory Warner-Richter

Wendy Miedel Barnard

Leila Jones

Mike Niles

Momoko Hayakawa

Linda Pallock

Allyson Candee

Paul Smokowski


Erin Cowell

Current Research Staff

Geetika Tiwari

Nicole Smerillo, Research Fellow

Sudi L. Ceglarek


Ogla Godes

Graduate Research Assistants

Kristy Kohler

Christina Mondi, Institute of Child Development
Kyungin Park, Educational Psychology

Joshua Mersky

Sangok Yoo, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, & Development

James Dimitri Topitzes

Bri Warren, School of Public Health

Irma Arteaga

Sophia Magro, Institute of Child Development

Chin-Chih Chen 

Sarah Humpage
Barry White




Advising expectations

Learn more about what to expect as a graduate student working with Dr. Reynolds. In the document below, Dr. Reynolds outlines what you can expect from him as an advisor/mentor and provides an overview of his expectations of students in the child psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota.

Read Dr. Reynold's advising expectations.