Application checklist:
Additional license in early childhood education


We accept applications on a rolling basis. Choose the deadline that works best for you. Apply by:

  • October 1 to begin classes in spring semester (January)
  • February 1 to begin classes in summer semester (May/June)
  • June 1 to begin classes in fall semester (September)

Application materials and steps

Submit all materials through the University’s online application system. Please don't submit materials via mail. We can't review your application until you submit all the materials listed below.

Before you begin

Before you begin the online application, gather the following materials:

  • Unofficial transcripts: Applicants must submit their unofficial transcripts. International students must submit an English translation of their transcript.
  • Copy of current Minnesota teaching license
  • Test scores: No tests are required for you to apply to the program (except TOEFL scores for international students). We don't require the GRE.
  • Personal statement: Describe the world you came from -- for example: your family, community or school. Tell us about a time when your worldview has been informed and/or challenged by working with children. Reflecting on this, how do you hope to grow as a reflective teacher through our program? Your essay should be no longer than five pages (12-point font, double-spaced). Include your name on the top of each page.
  • Resume or CV: In your resume, highlight your work with children, classroom experience, diversity experience, and other experiences relevant to teaching young children.
  • Application fee: $75 ($95 for international applicants). Must be paid online with credit card.

Optional materials

  • Diversity statement: Enrolling and graduating a diverse student body is central to the University of Minnesota's (U of M) mission. You have the option to write a statement that identifies the distinctive qualities, characteristics, and life experiences you'd contribute to your graduate program and to the education of fellow students at the U of M. You may wish to include examples that address your contribution to the diversity of the student body and illustrate your motivation to succeed by setting high standards for accomplishing intellectual and other goals, overcoming obstacles to achievement, and/or helping others to gain access to the resources necessary for success.

Information for international students

Steps to complete online application

Begin or resume the online application. Be sure to save your PIN number and password so you can work on the application over time. Once your application is submitted, you can't make any changes.

Complete the following sections of the online application:

  • Program selection: Choose the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus from the drop-down menu. Then, choose "Education and Human Development" from the college/school drop-down menu. Then, select "Additional Teaching Licensure Program" from the program name drop-down menu. You'll select your specific program later in the application.
  • Term selection: Select your proposed term of entry from the drop-down menu.
  • Biographical information: Complete the biographical information section.
  • Personal background: Complete the personal background section.
  • Additional teaching and specialty licensure programs: Select "Early Childhood Education" from the licensure program drop-down menu. Select "Birth-3" from the grade level menu. Enter your current Minnesota teaching license information.
  • Academic history: Complete the academic history section. Be sure to list all colleges and universities you've attended. Upload unofficial transcripts for each institution.
  • Test scores: No tests are required for you to apply to the program (except TOEFL scores for international students). We don't require the GRE. If you're an international student, please enter your self-reported TOEFL scores in this section. Submit an official score report from TOEFL to the University of Minnesota (institution code 6874). View the University of Minnesota’s TOEFL score guidelines and expectations.
  • Employment section: Leave this section blank. You'll be asked to upload a resume/CV later in the application.
  • Materials: This is where you'll upload all the supporting materials for your application.
    • Personal statement (required for all students)
    • Diversity statement (optional)
    • Extenuating circumstances: If you'd like to provide an explanation of circumstances that contributed to your test scores or GPA, please do so (optional).
    • Other materials:
      • Resume/CV: Upload your resume/CV (required for all students).
      • All other materials not required.
  • Recommendations: Leave this section blank. Letters of recommendation are not required.
  • Submit your application: Complete the signature and review sections. Pay the application fee: $75 ($95 for international applicants). Must be paid online with a credit card.

Your decision will be emailed to you once your application has been reviewed, and all transcripts and credentials are authenticated by the Graduate School. Applicants are typically notified of admissions decisions four to six weeks after the application deadline for their selected term of entry. Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed.


We’re here to help. Contact our student services team.

Meghan Allen Eliason
I meet with our early childhood education students to discuss program requirements and career goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.

Academic advisor: Meghan Allen Eliason
Get in touch:

Ann Ruhl Carlson
I’m passionate about the field of early childhood and love to work with college students to help them choose a career path. If you have questions about test scores, or licensure or admission requirements, please contact me.

Faculty advisor: Ann Ruhl Carlson
Get in touch: