College of Education and Human Development

Institute of Child Development

Undergraduate programs

Our undergraduate programs in developmental psychology and early childhood prepare students to have an impact on children, families, and communities. You will have a foundation in child development that you can draw on whether you are pursuing a career in research, education, policy, health, or many other fields. At the Institute of Child Development, you will find opportunities to engage in developmental psychology and early childhood education research, take classes from faculty who are leaders in their field, and participate in hands-on learning experiences with children and communities.

Developmental psychology BS / BA Developmental psychology BS / BA

Study human development across the lifespan. Complete coursework in topics including social and emotional development, cognitive development, language development, emotional and behavioral disorders, biological development, and research methods

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Early childhood BS Early childhood BS

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families? Are you passionate about ensuring that every child has access to quality early learning experiences? If so, then consider a degree in early childhood.

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