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Interpersonal relationships research (IREL) doctoral minor

Interpersonal relationships research (IREL) is a multidisciplinary field that intersects with psychology, sociology, family studies, communication, nursing, and other fields relevant to interpersonal relationships. In the IREL doctoral minor program, you’ll build a broad theoretical, empirical, and methodological foundation for conducting research on interaction patterns between individuals and the impact of these interactions. While earning your minor, you’ll also work with faculty and students from a variety of University departments and colleges who are actively conducting research on interpersonal relationships.

About this program


To earn the IREL minor, you’ll need to complete 14 credits of doctoral-level interpersonal relationships courses.

  • IREL 8001: Proseminar in Interpersonal Relationships Research (2.0 cr)
  • IREL 8021: Seminar: Statistical and Methodological Issues in Research on Dyadic Relationships (3.0 cr) or an equivalent course approved by the IREL director
  • PSY 5204: Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships (3.0 cr)
  • 6 additional credits selected in consultation with your minor adviser and with the approval of the IREL director.

Eligibility and instructions

You’re eligible to pursue the doctoral minor in interpersonal relationships research if you’re actively pursuing another doctoral degree at the University of Minnesota. You must declare the minor before passing your doctoral program’s preliminary oral exam.

Contact IREL Program Director Jeff Simpson at (Department of Psychology, S354 Elliott Hall) for further information.