College of Education and Human Development

Institute of Child Development


Daniel Berry Daniel Berry

Self-regulation of attention and emotion in childhood; interplay of experience, stress physiology, and self-regulation; longitudinal quantitative methods The Bioecology, Self-Regulation and Learning Lab My research focuses on clarifying the…

Daniel Berry

Stephanie Carlson Stephanie Carlson

  • Distinguished McKnight University Professor
  • 612-625-6127

Cognitive development, executive function, play, parenting, culture, learning The Carlson and Zelazo Lab Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab I investigate basic developmental processes in executive function (brain basis of self-control)…

Stephanie Carlson

Jed Elison Jed Elison

Developmental social neuroscience, structural brain development and social cognition, visual attention, joint attention, eye tracking, MRI, DWI, autism, and emerging psychopathology ELAB ELAB: The Elison Lab for Developmental Brain and Behavior…

Jed Elison

Damien Fair Damien Fair

  • Professor in the Institute of Child Development, Department of Pediatrics,and University of Minnesota Medical School, Redleaf Endowed Director, Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain

Developmental Cognition and Neuroimaging Lab Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain My research focuses on mechanisms and principles that underlie the developing brain.

Damien Fair

Gail Ferguson Gail Ferguson

  • Associate Professor

Culture and Family Life Lab My interests reside at the interface of developmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and clinical psychology, with a particular focus on understanding the implications of 21st Century globalization (e.g.

Gail Ferguson

Michael Georgieff Michael Georgieff

  • Professor - Institute of Child Development, Executive Vice Chair and Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota Medical School, Co-Director - Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain
  • 612-626-0644

Michael K. Georgieff, MD, holds the position of the Martin Lenz Harrison Land Grant Chair in Pediatrics. He is a Professor of Pediatrics, Developmental Psychology, and Obsetrics and Gynecology at the University.

Michael Georgieff

Megan Gunnar Megan Gunnar

  • Regents Professor, Distinguished McKnight University Professor
  • she, her, hers
  • 612-624-2713

Megan R. Gunnar is a Regents Professor, Distinguished McKnight University Professor and a member of the University of Minnesota’s Distinguished Academy of Teachers. She received her Ph.D.

Megan Gunnar

Ka I Ip Ka I Ip

My research focuses on typical and atypical emotion regulation development, examining the ways that cultural contexts shape emotion regulation, and how early adversity, structural racism and social determinants of health may “get under the skin”…

Ka I Ip

Canan Karatekin Canan Karatekin

Canan Karatekin is an associate professor at the Institute of Child Development. She has a BA in Psychology from Harvard College, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA.

Canan Karatekin

Melissa Koenig Melissa Koenig

Language acquisition, cognitive development, pragmatics and social cognition, word learning. Early Language and Experience Lab "The most basic activism we can have in our lives is to live consciously in a nation living in fantasies.

Melissa Koenig

Ann Masten Ann Masten

  • Regents Professor, Distinguished McKnight University Professor
  • 612-624-0215

Resilience in developing systems; risk and protective processes in children, families, and communities in the context of poverty, homelessness, war, and disaster; developmental competence and cascades.

Ann Masten

Charisse Pickron Charisse Pickron

Charisse Pickron is originally from Amherst, Ma. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Race and Racial Identity Development in 2008.

Charisse Pickron

Arthur Reynolds Arthur Reynolds

Early educational interventions, early childhood development, evaluation research, prevention science, and school & family influences on development.

Arthur Reynolds

Glenn Roisman Glenn Roisman

  • Robert Holmes Beck Chair of Ideas in Education, Distinguished McKnight University Professor
  • 612-624-7958

Early experience, social development, close relationships, biologically informed studies of development.

Glenn Roisman

Kathleen Thomas Kathleen Thomas

  • Department Chair, Director of the Institute, William Harris Professor in Child Development
  • 612-625-3389

Cognitive development, attention, implicit learning, early experience, pediatric neuroimaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Kathleen Thomas

Sylia Wilson Sylia Wilson

  • Associate Professor, McKnight Land-Grant Professor
  • she, her, hers
  • 612-624-1551

The Family Cognitive Affective Neurodevelopment (Fam CAN) Lab I am interested in the developmental etiology of psychopathology--the underlying processes that lead to the development of mental illness.

Sylia Wilson

Philip Zelazo Philip Zelazo

Developmental cognitive neuroscience; executive function; consciousness; rule use; self and social understanding; EEG/ERP; neuroimaging; affective decision making; problem solving; cultural differences in cognitive development; thought and language.

Philip Zelazo