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Jed Elison

  • Irving B. Harris Professor in Child Development

Jed Elison

Areas of interest

Developmental social neuroscience, structural brain development and social cognition, visual attention, joint attention, eye tracking, MRI, DWI, autism, and emerging psychopathology


BA 2005, Psychology, University of Utah
BA 2005, English, University of Utah
PhD 2006 - 2011, Psychology, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Postdoc Training 2011 - 2013, Social Neuroscience, California Institute of Technology


Developmental social neuroscience, structural brain development and social cognition, visual attention, joint attention, eye tracking, MRI, DWI, autism, and emerging psychopathology



ELAB: The Elison Lab for Developmental Brain and Behavior Research


My research examines basic developmental processes that contribute to individual differences in social communication during the infant and toddler period.  Much of the work in my lab operates under the assumption that attentional orienting is a fundamental catalyst for early cognitive and social cognitive development.  Orienting to the most salient and/or biologically relevant information in the social environment requires flexible and efficient selective visual attention.  Following this logic, efficient information processing requires rapid and efficient signal transmission, therefore a large effort in my lab includes characterizing individual differences in the microstructural organization and development of white matter fiber tracts using Diffusion Weighted Imaging.

What began as a focus on quantifying cognitive and behavioral measures in a manner that would be more amenable to examining brain-behavior associations during infancy has transformed into investigating dimensional constructs relevant to emerging psychopathology. Taking a developmental stance on the endophenotype concept will be a theoretical and empirical challenge that will likely keep my lab busy for the foreseeable future.  Finally, I have enduring interests in the pathogenesis of autism.  Much of my work to date has focused on the identification of risk factors that differentiate infants who later develop autism from other infants. 

Advising expectations and availability

If you are a prospective graduate student who is interested in working with Dr. Elison, click here to review his advising expectations. The document outlines what you can expect from Dr. Elison as an advisor/mentor and provides an overview of Dr. Elison's expectations of students. Expectations for both the child psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota and the Elison Lab for Developmental Brain and Behavior Research can be found here.

Please note that for the Fall 2024 admissions cycle I will be considering new applicants interested in working in the E-Lab. Prospective students can find more information about current studies and his team on his website


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