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Henriette Warren

  • Instructor

Henriette Warren

Areas of interest

Adolescent psychology, social and personality development


PhD, Developmental Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001


Teaching philosophy:

My main objective as a teacher is to go beyond the knowledge students can gain from a textbook, by engaging students in critical thinking and demonstrating how academic material applies to everyday lives.  I strive to make abstract concepts come alive to students by using real-world examples and devising activities that engage students and make abstract academic phenomena more salient.  I constantly encourage students to think critically about research findings and about future directions.  To this end, class sessions typically include a mixture of lecture, discussion, video clips, and group activities.  My own most memorable and influential teachers were those that generated excitement about learning, and meaningfully brought subjects to life.  I invest a great deal of energy in my teaching responsibilities, as I find it very rewarding to teach in a discipline I find so exciting.

Courses frequently taught:

CPSY 2301/3301 Introduction to Child Psychology

This course examines physical, cognitive, social and emotional development from the prenatal period through adolescence.  The major goals include fostering an understanding of the usefulness of a developmental approach to psychological issues, and familiarizing students with current research and methodology in child psychology.  This course emphasizes normal physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

CPSY 4303 Adolescent Psychology

This course examines psychological development during adolescence.  The major goals include 1) gaining an understanding of the major theoretical perspectives on adolescent development, 2) identifying biological, cognitive and social processes of adolescence and the ways in which they interact to influence development, 3) recognizing the role that contextual factors play in shaping adolescent experiences, and 4) gaining familiarity with prominent research methods used in conducting studies of adolescent development.

CPSY 4331 Social and Personality Development

Social development and personality touch on the growth of the most fundamental human capacities: relating to others and yet allowing the expression of tendencies that make individuals distinct. This course is an introductory survey of methods, theories, and research on the development of social relations and behavior from infancy through adolescence.