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Gunnar presents at National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Megan Gunnar signs the NAS registry book.
Photo Courtesy of National Academy of Sciences


Dr. Megan Gunnar, PhD, Distinguished McKnight University Professor, recently attended her formal induction ceremony into the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in Washington, D.C. Gunnar was one of 120 members and 30 international members elected to the NAS in 2022.

She was also invited to present at the Research Briefings held during the 160th Annual Meeting of the NAS. Gunnar’s presentation “The Stress Buffering Power of Parents (Until Adolescence)” was an overview of her research on the HPA axis, a powerful stress-mediating steroid hormone system involved in “getting experiences under the skin” to shape physical and mental health. Gunnar has spent her career studying how stress biology affects human brain and behavioral development and the processes that help children regulate stress and emotions.

The prestigious NAS was established in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln to provide independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology. Members are elected by their peers based on their outstanding contributions to research.

Watch Dr. Gunnar’s presentation below.