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ICD PhD student highlights: April 2023


Isaac Bisla was awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. Read more here.

ICD Professor Stephanie Carlson and Seokyung Kim at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.


Colin Drexler and Seokyung Kim received the Society for Research in Child Development’s (SRCD) Student and Early Career Council (SECC) poster competition award. Colin presented his poster “Developing Measures of Executive Function, Learning, and Memory for the NIH Infant and Toddler Toolbox” and Seokyung presented her poster “Should I Stay or Should I Go? Young Children’s Task Persistence” at the SRCD Biennial meeting.

Sarah Gillespie was awarded first place at the 3 Minute Thesis award competition during CEHD’s 2023 Research and Innovation Day. Read more here.

Seokyung Kim received a $300 Graduate Student Travel Award from SRCD.

Emmy Reilly received an honorable mention for the Society for Research in Child Development’s Dissertation Funding Award.


Jasmine Banegas received the UROC 2022 Community-Engaged Research Agenda RFP.

Jinyi Zhang was accepted as a Minnesota Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (MNLEND) fellow for 2023-24.

Recent presentations

Jasmine Banegas presented her poster “Early childhood Child Protective Services involvement, school readiness, and academic achievement: A longitudinal community-based cohort” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Romulus Castelo presented his poster “More is More: Choice Overload in Toddlers” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Frederique Corcoran presented her poster “The intersection between family homelessness and parental incarceration in young children: Risk and resilience” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Trevor Day and Sally Stoyell presented “Functional and structural findings from the Baby Connectome Project” with ICD Professor Jed Elison at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Erika DeAngelis gave a flash talk titled “Is Testimony a ‘Double-Edged Sword’? Investigating the developmental origins of epistemic injustice in childhood” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Nathalie Dumornay presented her poster “Racial Discrimination, Resting-State Functional Connectivity, and Psychopathology in Early Adolescence: a Co-Sibling Control Analysis” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Lauren Eales chaired a symposium on Youth Media Use Behaviors during COVID-19: Pre-Pandemic, Early Pandemic Onset, and One Year Later at the SRCD Biennial Meeting. She presented a talk titled “Is this a ‘Return to Normal’? How Children’s Screen Media Use and Problematic Media Use Shifted from 2020 to 2021”.

Ekomobong Eyoh presented her poster “The Longitudinal Emergence of Social-Emotional Competence in Infants and Toddlers Aged 12-36 Months” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Maddie Fung presented her poster “Neural Activity Differences in Physiological and Perceived Stress Responses during Adolescence” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Finola Kane-Grade presented her poster “Differential Brain Activity as a Function of Social Buffering During Social Evaluative Stress in Early Adolescence” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Carolyn Lasch presented her poster “Maternal anxiety and visual hemispheric specialization during infancy” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Sophia Magro presented her poster ” ‘So many people are depending on me’: Stressors and supports among Minnesota child care professionals” and gave a talk “The enduring versus transient predictive significance of consistency in early parental sensitivity for psychopathology symptoms” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting

ICD doctoral candidate Emmy Reilly at the SRCD Biennial Meeting

Kayla Nelson presented her poster “Mother-Child Relationship Quality and Depressive Symptoms Across Adolescence: A Cross-Lagged Analysis” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Emmy Reilly presented her poster “Structural Factors in Parenting Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Reilly, E. B. (2022, Nov). Self-compassion. Invited talk for preschool teachers at the University of Minnesota Child Development Lab School.

ICD Professor Stephanie Carlson and Jinyi Zhang at SRCD Biennial Meeting


Reilly, E. B. (2022, Oct). Why self-compassion is essential to sensitive parenting. Invited interview for the Mom Enough podcast

Jinyi Zhang presented her poster “Imagining the Future Improves Self-Control in Preschoolers” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting.

Recent publications

Erika DeAngelis recently had a new paper published. DeAngelis, E. R., Ridge, K. E., Gelman, S. A., Reyes-Jaquez, B., & Koenig, M. A. (2023). Understanding the value of non-obvious testimony: With age, A predominantly White, Midwestern sample of children prefer speakers who go beyond the evidence. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 231, 105652. doi: 10.1016/j.jecp.2023.105652

Clarissa Filetti recently had a paper accepted for publication. Filetti, C.R., Kane-Grade, F., & Gunnar, M.R. (in press). The development of stress reactivity and regulation in children and adolescents. Current Neuropharmacology.