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Meet Ozge Metin Aslan, CDLS Visiting Research Scholar

Ozge Metin Aslan (she/her/hers)

The Child Development Laboratory School is hosting its first Visiting Research Scholar through summer of 2024. Ozge Metin Aslan (she/her/hers) will be observing, studying, and collaborating on research projects with CDLS and will also guest teach.

Her educational background includes a PhD, MS and BA all in Early Childhood Education from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. During her PhD, she was a research scholar at the Institute of Child Development in Dr. Nicki Crick’s Social Lab from 2011-2012. She completed her postdoctoral research on shy and introverted children’s play behavior and peer relations with Dr. Kenneth H. Rubin at the University of Maryland’s Center for Children, Relationships and Culture between 2014-2016.

Here is a brief bio from Ozge:

I am a play researcher and also a free play activist. I believe that free play is the only way for learning and exploring. I have three sentences that I always mention in my class: “Children are learning by themself.” “Children are smarter than we think.” “We need not go down to the level of children, instead we must go up to the level of children.” My teaching philosophy is based on all children have the potential to and are capable of constructing their own understandings and learning. It is my responsibility to train teachers according to this philosophy.

My project Play for the Planet: Supporting Creativity and Sustainability in Early Childhood Education has been selected for the 2023 Education for Sustainable Development Award from World OMEP “World Organization for Early Childhood Education”. It is based on playwork and loose part materials. I have Persona Dolls Training Certificate and Forest Education Training Certificate.

Welcome Ozge!